Best Pizza Delivery Mission Beach

Your quest for New York Pizza delivery in Mission Beach, CA ends right here right now! Order through Slice! Delicious pizza delivered right to your doorstep!

ZoZo’s now offers the best pizza delivery in Mission Beach through Slice. Get hand tossed freshly made dough with daily procured fresh ingredients for toppings and baked in actual brick ovens or stone baked for the top of the line pizza delivered right at your doorstep in Mission Beach. Our secret sauce uses the freshest and handpicked tomatoes, perfectly ripe. We use all natural mozzarella cheese. We are the top restaurant for pizza delivery in Mission Beach.


Best Pizza Delivery in Mission Beach San Diego!

ZoZo New York Pizza is committed to the thin crust, the short of one-fourth of an inch thick, but thickening up towards the edge. It is not all flat. The pizza ought to be large, which is why the concept of slices has been so popular. The interesting element of a New York pizza is you can fold your slices but they would not be soggy and despite being pliable they would be crisp enough. View our menu here.

New York Pizza has traditionally been made in brick ovens using coal or wood but many do use gas ovens today. We prefer the authentic brick ovens for the perfect pizza. Right from how the dough is made to the choice of toppings including the all important cheese, everything is quaintly unique about the New York style pizza.

The sauce and the cheese are two quintessential elements of a New York style pizza, much like the dough and the choice of meat or toppings. New York style pizza demands fresh cheese and sauce. The sauce should use canned tomatoes that have not been cooked before, carefully strained and then seasoned with some salt and oregano. The cheese has to be 100% mozzarella.

The Plethora of Choices

ZoZo’s is also committed to the diverse tastes championed in Mission Beach. Our plethora of toppings include tomato, pesto, spinach, pineapple, ricotta, artichoke, sausage, bacon, basil, pepperoni, chicken, meatball, onion, mushroom, green peppers, black olives, fresh mozzarella and garlic among others. There are more than half a dozen specialty pizzas as well. Grab a large 18” pizza or get a slice. Yes, it is slice of pizza in New York and not piece of pizza as we are accustomed with. You may also want to explore the starters and salads, pastas and sandwiches, desserts and kids’ specials among others.